Monday, January 2, 2012

Year-end recommendations - 2011

Everyone else seems to do a year-end best of list, so here are mine. Have to say, the musical highlight for me (and many others it seems) was the Steve Ignorant Crass Songs tour that arrived here in New Zealand in back in July. It really was something I never expected to see - and I certainly didn’t expect it to be executed with such aplomb.
Here goes....

1. FUCKED UP - David Comes To Life {Matador}
2. STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Forever Won’t Wait {Dirtnap}
4. CUTE LEPERS - Adventure Time {Damaged Goods}
5. NIGHT BIRDS - The Other Side Of Darkness {Grave Mistake}
6. SECTION 13 - Burning Bridges {Boss Tuneage}
7. GENERATORS - Last Of The Pariahs {DC-Jam}
8. CULTURE SHOCK - Everything {Blurrg!}
9. DWARVES - Are Born Again {MVD}
10. SCREECHING WEASEL - First World Manifesto {Fat Wreck}
Notable mentions: ZOUNDS - Redemption Of Zounds {Overground}, STANDOUT RIOT - Gentlemen Bandits {TNS}, TIM BARRY - 28th And Stonewall {Suburban Home}, MEASURE (SA) - Notes {No Idea}, DIRECT HIT! - Domesplitter {Kind Of Like}, FAITH - Subject To Change + First Demo {Dischord}, BANGERS - Small Pleasures (Kiss Of Death}, DOPAMINES - Expect The Worst {Paper And Plastick}, DEEP SLEEP - Turn Me Off {Grave Mistake}, HDQ - Hung, Drawn And Quartered + You Suck {Boss Tuneage}.

1. THE SHIRKS - Cry Cry Cry {Grave Mistake}
2. THE MAGNIFICENT - 1981 {Drunken Sailor}
3. JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - Enhanced Methods Of Questioning {Alternative Tentacles}
4. JD AND THE FDCS - Burn This City Down {Delerict Records}
5. COBRA SKULLS - Bringing The War Home {Fat Wreck}

I should mention a couple of books that have impressed me this year also. The first was ALICE BAG’s autobiography ‘Violence Girl’ and the other was ‘Taking Punk To The Masses’. Both are well worth your time.

For further info on all of the above, check the appropriate reviews on the Scanner site.