Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Obituary - Brandon Ferrell

On Tuesday 31 May 2016, Brandon Ferrell, a member of such bands as GOVERNMENT WARNING, CAREER SUICIDE, DIRECT CONTROL, WASTED TIME and MUNICIPAL WASTE, passed away.
He was born on 28 April 1984 and at the time of writing, the cause of death is unknown.
In addition to being involved with the Hardcore bands above in a capacity as drummer, guitarist and/ or bassist, Ferrell ran No Way Records. He also opened, and was the original owner of, Vinyl Conflict records in Richmond, VA. Ferrell also had his own thrash project on Tankcrimes called OBSESSOR, where he played everything. It's worth noting Ferrell did the artwork to IRON REAGAN's 2012 demo.
He is survived by his wife Lauren and their twins, Darby and Zoe.