Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Obituary - Mark Keds

In the early hours of Sunday 10 January 2021, Mark Myers, better known as Mark Keds - vocalist and guitarist in SENSELESS THINGS and DEADCUTS among others, passed away at his home. The news was confirmed by SENSELESS THINGS guitarist Ben Harding but the cause of death remains unknown. He was aged 50. 
It was at the age of 11, in Twickenham, West London, that Keds first hooked up with Morgan Nicholls to form WILD DIVISION before being joined by Cass Browne in THE PSYCHOTICS. Harding joined the band in 1987 and the definitive SENSELESS THINGS were formed. 
Playing a brand of pacey, melodic Punk, the band become leading lights in the late 80s/ early 90s UK Punk scene - along with the likes of MEGA CITY FOUR and SNUFF - with the release of their debut album ‘Postcard CV’ in 1989. 1991 saw the band sign to major label Epic Records and instantly scoring their first Top 50 hit with ‘Got It At The Delmar’. Two Top 20 hits followed along with performances on Top Of The Pops and The Word. 
In 1995, SENSELESS THINGS took a break and Keds joined UK rockers THE WILDHEARTS before forming JOLT and releasing the ‘Punk Jungle Rules’ album in 1997. 
Of his other projects, he received a writing credit on THE LIBERTINES single ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and played with TRIP FONTAINE, THE LAMS and most recently DEADCUTS with his SENSELESS THINGS band mate Cass. 
SENSELESS THINGS had one final fling at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire in 2017. 
Although the cause of death is unknown, Harding stated, “"It’s no secret that he had struggled on and off with drug abuse and a pretty chaotic lifestyle for a long while, and his health suffered substantially over the years due to this. While this had sometimes created friction within the on-off workings of Senseless Things and his other projects, we choose to remember the friend, the brother and the talent we’ve lost today."

I saw SENSELESS THINGS frequently in Ipswich, UK. Thanks to both PERFECT DAZE and LOVEJUNK, the band would often be seen playing in small pubs through to larger halls. Tragically, the one time they really blew me away was a The Hanger - a larger hall at the rear of a pub called The Dove. Why tragic? The whole night was plagued with power cuts and, after about six incendiary songs, the power went off for a final time. They were always fun to see but that one short performance was next level.
I never knew Mark personally but recall him at these gigs. 
Thoughts go out to his family and friends.  

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