Sunday, February 1, 2015

Year-end Recommendations - 2014

It's been a good year record-wise.  The lists below reflect only those that I have been exposed to - lots of stuff I have no doubt missed too.
Have to give a special mention to TNS Records, a label that has released plenty of great albums but none that quite make the Top 10 albums.  That said, no other label that I know of has released a series of such consistently good records this year. Listening to the ROUGHNECK RIOT album as I type - great stuff that brings forth memories of MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG while keeping a very modern, Punk approach to matters.
Likewise, there are a few things that have appeared that would probably make the list had I got actual releases, or that appeared sooner. CJ RAMONE's solo album has been a cracker via the download I have, and TIM BARRY's latest album is great on a single listen.  Then there's the STAY CLEAN JOLENE album - a stunner.  It arrived in January, so I am sure it will be in the 2015 Top 10. 
And, that RADIO BIRDMAN boxset - be all and end all!!! 
Anyway - here goes:

1. WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY - This Packed Funeral {Alternative Tentacles}
2. SWHAT - s/t {DIY}
3. GAMEFACE - Now Is What Matters Now {Equal Vision}
4. TV EYE - Mythoman {Spastic Fantastic}
5. TIM BARRY - Raising Hell And Living Cheap {Chunksaah}
6 ADOLESCENTS - La Vendetta {Concrete Jungle}
7. AUTONOMADS - One Day All This Will Be Gone... {Pumpkin/ Ruin Nation}
8. PRONTO - When You're Gone {Off The Hip}
9. MORNING GLORY - War Psalms {Fat Wreck}
10 RUBELLA BALLET - Planet Punk {Overground}
Special mentions: DUNCAN REID AND THE BIGHEADS - Difficult Second Album, GENERATION DEAD - The Truth Has All Been Said... {DIY}, CASTRO - The River Need, JADED EYES - Gods And Monsters {Boss Tuneage}, STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Dial Tone {Dirtnap}, SLICE OF LIFE - Love And A Lamp Post {Overground}, OFF! - Wasted Years {Vice}, DIE! DIE! DIE! - S W I M {45rpm}, DOWN BY LAW - Revolution Time {Dry Heave}, LAGWAGON - Hang {Fat Wreck}, FUCKED UP - Glass Boys {Matador}, HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEDS - Stay Home {La Vida Es Un Mus}, FRANCEENS - Stepford Smiles, OFFICER DOWN - Dead Lands, WONK UNIT - Nervous Racehorse, DOMESTICS - Routine And Ritual, ROUGHNECK RIOT - Out Of Anger {TNS}

Singles/ EPS1. VARIOUS - A Celebration Of Punk Down Under {Sick World}
2. HDQ - When Worlds Collide {Boss Tuneage}
3. OFF! - Learn To Obey {Vice}
5. SHATTERED FAITH - Modern Convenience USA {Hostage}
6. CHANNEL 3 - History {Hostage}
7. THIRTY SIX STRATEGIES - Stratgey Two {Boss Tuneage}
9. NOFX - Stoke Extinguisher {Fat Wreck}
10. CASTRO - s/t {Boss Tuneage}
Special mentions: BREAKOUT - True Crime {Grave Mistake}, VARIOUS - Without Kibou There Is Nothing Vol 1 and 2 {Kibou}, STIV BATORS' DEAD BOYS - Last Stand 1980 EP {Ugly Pop}

Compilations/ Re-issues
1. RADIO BIRDMAN - Box Set {Citadel}
2. REALLY RED - Teaching You The Fear {Alternative Tentacles}
4. X - Aspirations/ X-Spurts {Ugly Pop}
5. TERMINUS - Going Nowhere Fast/ Back Among The Blind {Boss Tuneage}
6. INSTIGATORS - Anthology Volume 1 {PHD}
7. SUBURBAN REPTILES - Saturday Night Stay At Home {Real Groovy}
8. RIPCORD - Fast 'n' Furious: The Complete Demos {Boss Tuneage}
9. FRANTIX - My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic {Alternative Tentacles}
10. DUMBSTRUCK - It's Still Broke {Boss Tuneage}
Special mentions: CHIXDIGGIT - Double Diggits {Fat Wreck}, INSTIGATORS - Anthology Vol 2, XPOZEX - Anthology {PHD}, SPELLING MISTAKES - Feel So Good {Real Groovy}

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